Sylenth Course

Let’s begin our sonic adventure by unlocking the limitless creative potential of Sylenth. It’s available for all DAW such as Logic Pro or FL Studio.

βœ… 2 Hours of Video Content + Project File Included
βœ… Access The Course Instantly
⚑️ Last Updated: January 2024
πŸ‘₯ 3976 students

Curriculum & Videos


πŸ•’ 14 Minutes πŸ’‘ 3 Lessons

1. Introduction (1:30)

2. Downloading Sylenth1 (6:14)

3. Overview Of The Synth (5:33)

Playing With Sylenth Synth

πŸ•’ 69 Minutes πŸ’‘ 9 Lessons

4-5. Playing With Sylenth (19:46)

6-7. Oscillators (12:34)

8. LFOs (6:39)

9. Filters (10:16)

10-11. Modulation (13:19)

12. Pitch Bend, Legato, Portamento & Voices (6:10)

πŸ•’ 20 Minutes πŸ’‘ 4 Lessons

13. Presets – Good Or Bad? (7:22)

14. Where To Get High-Quality Presets (1:39)

15. Create The Famous Supersaw Sounds (5:40)

16. Create Easy But Effective Bass & Pluck (4:23)

🎡 Master Sylenth: Unleash Your Sound Creation Skills 🎡

Embark on the Sylenth Synthesizer Course, a comprehensive journey into sound creation with Sylenth. This course, last updated in October 2023, offers 2 hours of video material and provides instant access to learners eager to explore the world of Sylenth.

The Sylenth Course is designed for music enthusiasts ready to master the art of sound creation using Sylenth. Suitable for all DAWs, this course guides you through unlocking the limitless creative potential of Sylenth, starting from scratch.Updated in October 2023, this course offers 2 hours of video material, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users looking to enhance their skills.

Sylenth Course

πŸš€ Creative Sound Crafting in the Sylenth Course πŸš€

πŸ”‘ Unlocking Sylenth’s Potential in the Sylenth Course πŸ”‘

πŸ› οΈ Crafting Your Sounds in the Sylenth Course πŸ› οΈ

🎧 Comprehensive Curriculum of the Sylenth Course 🎧

Sylenth Course