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In this class, you will learn how to master Logic Pro and create full productions in no time! We will also create three full productions from scratch in this class, from the idea stage to a finished, professional-sounding track. You will also get those three full productions as templates so you can open them on your computer to see how the projects are built up. Feel free to copy settings and/or different presets or sounds.

Do you know that Logic Pro is one of the most used music programs in the world? You can create, edit, and arrange music and do many other things, even creating videos.

Did you know that Rihanna’s career started with a basic Apple Loop? Yes, her whole career started with that one Apple Loop. And not only that loop, but it was also just taken from the stock library and used as-is – without modification. And it’s totally fine and legal.

Not only Music Production but Also How to Make It As The Professional Music Producer.

  • Start getting creative with Logic Pro and make music quickly.
  • Learn how to organize and clean your projects, leading to better results.
  • Discover Apple Loops and how to create a whole Project within an hour.
  • Learn how to Master Logic Pro with quick tips and key commands.
  • Get creative with the Piano Roll and MIDI – learn how to quickly come up with chords that you would never think about doing.
  • Master Logic Pro in just a DAY!

This is the ONLY class you will need to Learning Music Production with Logic Pro.

Do you want to start writing music in Logic and don’t know where to start? This course will help you! In this course, we will go over all sections in Logic from a Music Producers perspective, from Downloading the app to going through all of the sections and why you should use them and how. You will be able to produce music within a day from knowing NOTHING. This course is for new users and those already familiar with Logic Pro.

There are a lot of different tutorials on YouTube on how to learn Logic Pro but since it’s such a vast software and where the possibilities are endless with what you can do with it. That’s why I have created this course to understand how to make music with Logic easily and to focus on Music Production.

The great thing about Logic Pro is that everything is included in the software. You can go and produce a top-hit track with just the tools that Apple gives to you when purchasing the software through the App Store. We will cover all of these tools that you need to know about. There are music producers who use ONLY the stock resources that come with Logic and make it through Billboard’s top 100.