Logic Pro X Course - Future House

Music Production Course
Project File (.LPX) included!

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Length: 7 Hours
Levels: All
Music Software: Logic Pro X
Ratings: 4.45 / 5. Reviews: See Below


This course will get you PRO knowledge for making Future House Electronic Music in Logic Pro X in just a Day!

Have you ever wanted to create Electronic Music and Future House Music Production like a Pro? Like the big guys do? Have you already taken a lot of different courses and still wondering why you can’t produce GREAT tracks? Well, i will learn you how to make GOOD music and learn you the small secrets that a lot of big producers are using.

Did you know that most of the biggest hits has been created in a very small amount of time? So how do you produce awesome music in a small amount of time so you won’t get bored of it? There is some tips & tricks that i have learned over at one of the most known EDM artist’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden as well as his studio in Los Angeles.

Logic Pro X Template is included for FREE! We also included FREE Sample Packs as a Bonus!

So, do you want to know the secrets and really bang out some good sounding tracks quickly and get your ideas out there before you forget them in your head? Do you want to learn how to make a habit of starting an idea and finishing the track in the same day? Then this course is PERFECT for you!

Learn Electronic Music Production today

  • Learn how to create Electronic Music like the Pro’s do.
  • Overcome Writers Block with the methods that I show you.
  • Watch how an Idea goes to a Full Production.
  • Learn from a real producer, not just a teacher.
  • Learn Mixing & Mastering from home.
  • See all the different tips & tricks that all producers should know today.

Get in to the habit of Finishing Tracks!

I will show you how to get from an 8-bar loop idea to a full track that is done and finished. It’s very easy to get stuck in the idea stage and not knowing where to go after that. I will show you my procedure to get from the idea stage to a full production.

Get support and help with your own productions

I will help you in the Q&A section of this course when you enroll. If you have any questions regarding your own productions, please let me know and I will happily help you out.

    Playthrough of The Track (3:28)
    Introduction (2:18)
    The Equipment i Use (3:06)
Creativity Section – Being Creative
    Starting Out – Creating Default Template (12:16)
    The Skeletal System (2:50)
    How to Start – Part 1 (11:16)
    How to Start – Part 2 (9:22)
    Creative Ideas – Part 1 (5:43)
    Creative Ideas – Part 2 (15:48)
    Creative Ideas – Part 3 (15:55)
    Showing My Track Idea – Part 1 (15:26)
    Showing My Track Idea – Part 2 (15:33)
Organizing the Project – Arrangement
    Organizing The Project (14:43)
    Converting Software Instruments to Audio (13:57)
    The Simple Arrangement – Part 1 (16:06)
    The Simple Arrangement – Part 2 (17:52)
    Finishing the Track with More Sounds – Part 1 (17:50)
    Finishing the Track with More Sounds – Part 2 (8:40)
    Finishing the Track with More Sounds – Part 3 (15:44)
    Finishing the Track with More Sounds – Part 4 (7:44)
    Adding FX & Transitions – Part 1 (15:32)
    Adding FX & Transitions – Part 2 (18:04)
Getting the Track Done – Mixing & Mastering
    Mixdown – Part 1 (14:24)
    Mixdown – Part 2 (13:19)
    Mastering the Proper Way – Part 1 (7:15)
    Mastering the Proper Way – Part 2 (8:40)


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I love future house and i feel better at it now

– Isod Jaquez

Loving the course so far! I can’t go more than 10 minutes without learning something new and then going and trying it out! Great job!

– Matt Georgevich

The courses gives useful tips and tricks in applying the plugins to your tracks.

Great motivator !!!

Thanks Martin…

– Audio

Great initial content on equipment used, free plugins and sample packs, plus how to keep motivated and finish projects. I wasn’t expecting this much detail and insight into Martin’s set up and workflow.

– Ian Crabtree

Great course that details the producer’s process in how he creates music in Logic Pro. Well done.

– Andrew Fagundes

basic course, still usefull , free template and sample packs 🙂

– Tao Yen