One Shot EDM Samples


This Sample Pack is a MUST-HAVE for all EDM producers out there. This sample pack contains 50 different one-shot samples. You can play them as if they were synth sounds – including bass sounds and synth sounds. For instance, layout your ideas quick and therefore get that signature sound in just minutes!

Works with every DAW! 

Our demo shows the quality and what sounds are included in this pack. This sample pack contains all sounds except the drums.
Try them out as they are or create chord sounds with the one-shots and you will get unique different sounds. Get professional sounds instantly instead of using tweaking synths for hours, in other words, getting that great sound instantly.

The provided video and audio demos show some of the sounds are played as chords and some are played as they are indifferent notes to create a melody or pattern.

This sample pack includes .WAV files.

Check the video to see how to play with One-shot Samples in Logic Pro X, for instance. In conclusion, other music programs (DAW’s) can also play these samples.