Music Theory for Electronic Music Production – Complete Guide


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🎹 Music Theory for Electronic Music Production: Unlock the Secrets of EDM πŸš€

Welcome to Music Theory for Electronic Music Production, a comprehensive course designed to demystify music theory for EDM producers. This course is tailored for those who have found traditional music theory challenging or unnecessary, focusing specifically on its application in electronic music.

Music Theory For Electronic Music Production

Introduction: Embark on Your Music Theory Adventure 🌟

Lecture 1 – Introduction

Begin your journey into music theory, specifically tailored to enhance your electronic music production skills.

Lecture 2 – The Piano Roll

Explore the Piano Roll, an essential tool for composing and arranging in electronic music.

Lecture 3 – Requirements For This Course

Understand what you need to get started and succeed in this course, tailored for electronic music production.

Lecture 4 – All The Things You Need To Know

Get an overview of the fundamental music theory concepts you’ll learn, specifically applied to EDM.

Lecture 5 – Preparations

Prepare for success with essential tips and strategies for diving into music theory.

Lecture 6 – Creating a Starting Template in Logic Pro

Set up a productive and efficient Logic Pro template for your electronic music projects.

Music Theory For Electronic Music Production

Core Concepts of Music Theory in EDM 🎢

Lecture 7 – Major Chord Progressions

Learn about major chord progressions and their role in creating uplifting and energetic electronic music.

Lecture 8 – Minor Chord Progressions

Discover the depth and emotion minor chord progressions can bring to your tracks, often used in deeper or more melancholic electronic genres.

Lecture 9 – Bass Notes

Master the selection and placement of bass notes, crucial for the foundation of any electronic track.

Lecture 10 – Melodies

Create captivating melodies, an essential component of memorable electronic music.

Lecture 11 – The Transposing Trick

Implement transposition techniques to modify the key of your music creatively.

Lecture 12 – Rhythms

Develop engaging rhythms that drive the energy and flow of your electronic compositions.

Music Theory for Electronic Music Production

Expanding Your Musical Toolbox πŸš€

Lecture 13-17 – Chord Progression Tricks & Bass Notes Tricks (Parts 1-5)

Explore advanced techniques to enhance chord progressions and bass lines, adding a unique flavor to your music.

Lecture 18 – Remixing Tracks – Finding The Right Key

Learn the art of remixing by understanding how to identify and work within the correct key of a track.

Conclusion: Unleashing Your Full Potential in EDM πŸš€

Music Theory for Electronic Music Production is more than just a course; it’s your gateway to creating music that resonates with audiences and stands out in the electronic music scene. With a focus on practical application in EDM, this course will transform the way you understand and create music.

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