Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers – Complete Guide


Are you producing Electronic music?

Do you struggle with Music Theory and always wanted to learn but always felt like it was too hard or not really necessary to learn how to play the piano?

Do you want to know how to learn Music theory for electronic music producers?


Welcome to this course where I will teach you Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers. In this course, all of the music theory is made in the Piano Roll and you will only learn what is relevant to us Electronic Music Producers out there.

In just a day, you will learn how to create your own chords, how to understand rhythms, how to detect different notes, and learn other cool tricks that will help you to understand and creating those cool Chord Progressions that all of the big guys do out there.

  • Learn Music Theory the easy way and create chords and melodies with just the Piano Roll.
  • Create Chord Progressions and learn how to extract Bass and Melodies from a Chord Progression.
  • Learn how to remix commercial tracks by using This Music Theory Method.
  • This Music Theory Method is being used by many Electronic Music Producers today.


There are a lot of different Music Theory courses out there and they cover A LOT. When I watched a course here on Udemy I got bored after watching just 15 minutes. I don’t really want to know how to play Piano or Guitar since I’m not a musician that plays instruments. I use my computer as my instrument and that is why I’ve chosen to skip the boring parts.

I will teach you a method that big producers use such as Avicii and Afrojack.


I’m a Music Producer from Stockholm, Sweden and I have been producing music since 2006 for other producers. I started out with music production on the same Swedish music platform as Avicii did and shared a lot of different techniques over there, like this particular technique that I’m showing in this course. Since then I have produced music for several electronic music producers and artists both big and small.


All of this + many more tips and tricks will make your productions a lot more sense – and you are now able to create your own chord progressions and melodies!