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This course will get you PRO knowledge for making Future House Electronic Music in Logic Pro X in just a Day!

Have you ever wanted to create Electronic Music and Future House Music Production like a Pro? Like the big guys do? Have you already taken many different courses and still wondering why you can’t produce GREAT tracks? Well, I will teach you how to make GOOD music and learn the tiny secrets that a lot of big producers are using.

Did you know that most of the biggest hits have been created in a minimal amount of time? So how do you produce awesome music in a small amount of time so you won’t get bored with it? There are some tips & tricks that I have learned at one of the most known EDM artist’s studios in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as his studio in Los Angeles.

Logic Pro X Template is included for FREE!

So, do you want to know the secrets and really bang out some good-sounding tracks quickly and get your ideas out there before you forget them in your head? Do you want to learn how to make a habit of starting an idea and finishing the track on the same day? Then this course is PERFECT for you!

Learn Electronic Music Production today

  • Learn how to create Electronic Music as the pros do.
  • Overcome Writers Block with the methods that I show you.
  • Watch how an Idea goes to Full Production.
  • Learn from a real producer, not just a teacher.
  • Learn Mixing & Mastering from home.
  • See all the different tips & tricks that all producers should know today.

Get into the habit of Finishing Tracks!

I will show you how to get from an 8-bar loop idea to a full track that is done and finished. It’s straightforward to get stuck in the idea stage and not know where to go after that. I will show you my procedure from the idea stage to full production.

Get support and help with your productions.

I will help you in the Q&A section of this course when you enroll. If you have any questions regarding your productions, please let me know, and I will happily help you.