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Logic Pro Course: Create Your Own EDX Style Music 🎧🎚️

Learn the art of music production from scratch to a polished product with this Logic Pro course. Discover how to craft tracks, mix, and master like a pro, all with Logic Pro’s stock and free plugins. Remix vocals, and adapt these techniques to any music genre!

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Unleash Your Music Production Potential 🚀🎶

In this comprehensive Logic Pro course, you’ll transform from a novice to a music production maestro. It’s perfect for both beginners and advanced users, focusing on techniques used by top music producers. We keep it all in the box, using Logic’s stock plugins and free alternatives to ensure you create top-quality music without breaking the bank.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t 🧰🆓

Forget about expensive plugins and sounds. This course equips you with everything you need to create a full music production using Logic Pro X’s stock features and free plugins. We’ve even included project files to help you on your musical journey.

Designed for All Skill Levels 📈🎓

Whether you’re new to Logic Pro X or have some experience, you’re in the right place. Our course starts with an introduction to Logic Pro X, guiding you through the basics. No matter where you are in your music production journey, we’ll take you to the next level.

What You’ll Learn 🧐📚

In this course, you’ll gain essential skills, including:

  • Crafting a full music production from start to finish, covering arrangement, mixdown, and mastering.
  • Capturing natural sounds to infuse your track with a unique, organic feel.
  • Techniques to overcome writer’s block and turn ideas into complete songs.
  • Enhancing your music production skills to create professional-quality tracks that stand out.

Logic Pro: EDX Style Course Curriculum 📖

Ready to dive into the world of music production with Logic Pro? Here’s what the course covers:



Getting Started & Reference Tracks

Create a Chord Progression – Part 1

Create a Chord Progression – Part 2

Create a Chord Progression – Part 3

The First Idea – Part 1

The First Idea – Part 2

The First Idea – Part 3

The First Idea – Part 4

Creating The Arrangement – Part 1

Creating The Arrangement – Part 2

Creating The Arrangement – Part 3

Creating The Arrangement – Part 4

Creating The Arrangement – Part 5

Creating The Arrangement – Part 6

Creating The Arrangement – Part 7

Creating Melodies – Part 1

Creating Melodies – Part 2

Making Transition Effects Between Two Different Parts

Mixdown – Part 1

Mixdown – Part 2

Mixdown – Part 3

Mixdown – Part 4

Exporting & Bouncing The Track

The Mastering Stage – Part 1

The Mastering Stage – Part 2

The Mastering Stage – Part 3

Turning A Vocal To A Remix – Part 1

Turning A Vocal To A Remix – Part 2

Your Musical Journey Begins Here 🎵🌟

Enroll in our Logic Pro course and unlock the power to create your own EDX style music. You’ll develop a wide array of skills, learn music production from the ground up, and be inspired to finish your music projects. Let’s embark on this musical adventure together! 🎤🎹