Logic Pro: EDX Style Course

Learn the art of music production from scratch to a polished product with this Logic Pro course. Discover how to craft tracks, mix, and master like a pro, all with Logic Pro’s stock and free plugins.

βœ… 4.5 Hours of Video Content + Project File Included
βœ… Access The Course Instantly
⚑️ Last Updated: January 2024
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Curriculum & Videos


πŸ•’ 15 Minutes πŸ’‘ 3 Lessons

1. Playthrough (3:36)

2. Introduction (2:50)

3. How To Get Started & Reference Tracks (8:00)

Adding Sounds

πŸ•’ 53 Minutes πŸ’‘ 7 Lessons

4-6. Creating Chord Progressions (24:50)

7-10. The First Idea (27:51)

πŸ•’ 61 Minutes πŸ’‘ 7 Lessons

11-17. Creating The Arrangement (60:18)

Melodies & FX

πŸ•’ 25 Minutes πŸ’‘ 2 Lessons

18-19. Creating Melodies (16:35)

20. Making Transition Effects Between Two Different Parts (8:04)


πŸ•’ 36 Minutes πŸ’‘ 5 Lessons

21-24. Mixdown (32:39)

25. Exporting & Bouncing The Track (2:37)


πŸ•’ 22 Minutes πŸ’‘ 3 Lessons

26-28. Mastering (22:03)

Turning a Vocal To A Remix

πŸ•’ 13 Minutes πŸ’‘ 2 Lessons

29-30. Turning A Vocal To a Remix (12:37)

🎢 Mastering Music Production with Logic Pro 🎢

This course offers 4.5 hours of comprehensive video material, complete with project files and audio, and provides instant access to all the resources you need. Updated as of October 2023, it’s an ideal blend of current trends and timeless techniques in music producti​on.

Learn the art of music production from the ground up. Discover how to craft tracks, mix, and master like a pro using only Logic Pro’s stock and free plugins. This course is perfect for those looking to delve into the world of EDX-style music, offering the skills to remix vocals and adapt these techniques across various music genres.

Logic Pro Course

πŸ› οΈ Essential Skills for Music Producers πŸ› οΈ

πŸ’‘ From Stagnation to Inspiration πŸ’‘

🌐 Comprehensive Curriculum for EDX Style Music 🌐

🌟 Navigating the World of Logic Pro 🌟

Logic Pro Course