Logic Pro: Deep House Course

Are you ready to create top-tier Deep House tracks like the pros? Do you struggle with writer’s block or find it challenging to quickly lay ideas for your music in Logic Pro? If so, this course is your solution!

✅ 5 Hours of Video Content + Project File Included
✅ Access The Course Instantly
⚡️ Last Updated: January 2024
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Curriculum & Videos


🕒 60 Minutes 💡 6 Lessons

1. Playthrough (3:36)

2-6. Creating an Initial Idea and Showing How To Make It (56:17)

Arrangement & Adding Sounds

🕒 87 Minutes 💡 9 Lessons

7-15. Arranging The Quick Way (86:30)

🕒 42 Minutes 💡 4 Lessons

16-19. Mixdown (41:17)


🕒 19 Minutes 💡 2 Lessons

20-21. Mastering (18:46)

🎵 Deep House Mastery with Logic Pro 🎵

This course offers 5 hours of video material, including project files and audio, and provides instant access to learning resources. Updated in October 2023, it’s designed to help you create top-tier Deep House tracks like a pro, overcoming any writer’s block and laying out your musical ideas effectively in Logic Pro.

Kickstart your Tech House journey by setting a solid foundation in Logic Pro. The course guides you through creating the defining bassline and main sound of your Tech House track, an essential step in crafting your unique sound.

Logic Pro Course

🎹 Kickstart Your Deep House Journey 🎹

💡 From Stagnation to Inspiration 💡

🔊 Essential Tools and Sound Design 🔊

🎚️ Mastering Remixing and Live Performances 🎚️

Logic Pro Course