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Welcome to the Beat Drum Programming Course. In This How To Make Drum Loops & Beatmaking Course, I will show you how to create drum loops from scratch. We will chop, copy and paste from different drum loops and re-create them to our own. 

This course will teach you how to create drum loops from scratch with Apple Loops and Logic Pro X. This course can still be used with other DAWs such as Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, or FL Studio. 

This course is created for absolute beginners as well as advanced users who want to expand their knowledge in music production. We are covering all the techniques that the biggest music producers currently use and limiting ourselves to creating music. Everything in this course is made in the box only – so all you need is a laptop, such as MacBook Pro, or a desktop computer, such as an iMac.

This Course Includes All You Need To Create Full Drum Loops. Everything that you need to use is included in this course.

See Full Curriculum, Videos & Lectures

This course is designed for every skill level, from Beginners to Advanced. If you have never used Logic Pro X before, that’s fine. This course includes an introduction section where we will download Logic Pro X and show you how to manage the most basic functions of Logic Pro X to get you started.

Improve Your Music Production Techniques and Start Making Professional Music With Quality in No Time!

Regardless of what your level of experience is or what type of music you are creating, this course will take your knowledge to a whole another level. I will show you how to create a full Music Production with Logic Pro X with Mixdown and Mastering.

Unlike other Music Production courses, this course will cover everything from scratch, improve your overall music production level, and motivate you to finish your music instead of letting your music ideas die within your project file.