Here is the Logic Pro X Benchmark project file to use. Just download it, run it and see how many tracks you can get to play without having the “System overload” window to show up.

Make sure that you’re running 1024 Samples and that you’re choosing the max cores that your computer is supporting (see picture below).

Go to Settings -> Audio. In the Devices tab, make sure that the I/O Buffer Size is set to 1024 and that the Processing Threads are set to the highest amount (not Automatic).
Video explaining the difference between the iMac 27 2019 with an i9 Processor vs other Mac models.

Benchmark Results:

iMac 27 2019 i9

Result: 125 Tracks

MacBook Pro 15 2018 2,2Ghz i7

Result: 67 Tracks

iMac 27 2017 i5 3,5 Ghz

Result: 27 Tracks

MacBook Pro 13 i5 2016

Result: 14 Tracks

MacBook Air 13 i5 2018

Result: 3 Tracks


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