Submissions are now open!

Program Schedule & Dates

  • Program 1: October 11 – December 5 INVITE ONLY
  • Program 2: October 18 – December 12 INVITE ONLY
  • Program 3: October 25 – December 19 INVITE ONLY
  • Program 4: November 1 – December 26 APPLICATIONS OPEN

What’s Included?

  • 8-week Music Production Program with PVF – Personal Video Feedback
  • Everything you need to release tracks on major labels (excluding music software)
  • PVF – M.Svensson sends a screen-recording every week of him working at your track and commenting what should be done next
  • Lifetime Access to all Sample Packs (even the future ones)
  • Lifetime Access to all Courses (even the future ones)
  • Create three complete tracks from start to finish
  • Personal support directly from M.Svensson through WhatsApp
  • Access to a private Discord channel where all students can discuss music production
  • Personal video response each week – motivation & support from M.Svensson
  • One (or more) track releases on Music-Prod Label – release your track(s) on all major music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music etc.


Is this for beginners or advanced users?

The Academy is for both – we will cover the basics in the first week but then it’s all about making music, commitments, and focus. You don’t have to be an advanced user to create hit songs.

What DAW’s are currently supported?

You need to own a copy of Logic Pro or FL Studio or Ableton Live to join The Academy.

What is PVF (Personal Video Feedback)?

PVF is a new way to make interactions and train a student when it comes to music production. There are assignments in the program where a student needs to complete steps (such as creating a song) within the deadline date. When done, students are able to send in their current projects to Martin. At the end of each week, Martin will go through a student’s personal project, screen record it, and work on it while also commenting on the work that is done.

Will my track be released on a label?

Yes. Your best track in the program will be released on our new label. This is included in the program. Your track will be out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and many other music providers. These tracks are going to be in a non-exclusive form which means that you can always sign out of our label and have your track(s) signed elsewhere. The tracks released on the label are royalty-free only, meaning that you can never earn any money on them. We believe this approach is much better for new producers that want to reach their music to as many people as possible. Your music can end up in a YouTube video, in a movie, or at the store. There are many businesses that use royalty-free music today due to too many complicated license issues.


The price for the 8-week total program including a release on label is $899.