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Program Schedule & Dates

  • Program 1: January 9 – March 12 CLOSED
  • Program 2: January 16 – March 19 CLOSED
  • Program 3: January 23 – March 26 CLOSED
  • Program 4: January 30 – April 2 OPEN FOR APPLICATION
  • Program 5: February 6 – April 9 OPEN FOR APPLICATION
  • Program 6: February 13 – April 16 OPEN FOR APPLICATION
  • Program 7: February 20 – April 23 OPEN FOR APPLICATION

What’s Included?

  • 8-week Music Production Program with PVF – Personal Video Feedback
  • Everything you need to release tracks on major labels (excluding music software)
  • PVF – M.Svensson sends a screen recording every week of him working at your track and commenting on what should be done next
  • Your track will be sent out to big record labels, such as Spinnin Records, Warner Music, and other major labels (6 labels in total), with a report of consideration
  • Lifetime Access to all Sample Packs (even the future ones)
  • Lifetime Access to all Courses (even the future ones)
  • Create three complete tracks from start to finish
  • Personal support directly from M.Svensson through WhatsApp
  • Access to a private Discord channel where all students can discuss music production
  • Personal video response each week – motivation & support from M.Svensson
  • One (or more) track releases on Music-Prod Label – release your track(s) on all major music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • Guaranteed plays on Music-Prod Radio & our radio platform


Is this for beginners or advanced users?

The Academy is for both – we will cover the basics in the first week but then it’s all about making music, commitments, and focusing. You don’t have to be an advanced user to create hit songs.

What DAWs are currently supported?

You need to own a copy of Logic Pro, FL Studio, or Ableton Live to join The Academy.

What is PVF (Personal Video Feedback)?

PVF is a new way to make interactions and train a student when it comes to music production. There are assignments in the program where a student needs to complete steps (such as creating a song) within the deadline. When done, students can send in their current projects to Martin. At the end of each week, Martin will go through a student’s project, screen record it, and work on it while also commenting on the work done.

Will my track be released on a label?

Yes. Your best track in the program will be released on our new label. This is included in the program. Your track will be out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and many other music providers. These tracks will be in a non-exclusive form which means that you can always sign out of our label and have your track(s) signed elsewhere. The tracks released on the label are royalty-free only, meaning that you can never earn any money on them. We believe this approach is much better for new producers that want to reach their music to as many people as possible. Your music can end up in a YouTube video, in a movie, or at the store. Many businesses use royalty-free music today due to too many complicated license issues.

Does this program guarantee that my track(s) get submitted and signed on a big label?

No, but we will do everything that we can so it can be signed! We have contacts in many of the big labels out there, and we will send in your track or tracks with a report of how it goes. You can always contact us to check the status of the submission. We will still release your track or tracks on our record label (if you want that, of course), and you can continue to release tracks even after the Academy period has ended – just make sure that the track is really good.

What does the schedule look like?

Week 1 Monday – Wednesday: The first week is about the start and the beginning phase. We will look at the beginner course for the DAW you produce with. This includes watching one of our beginner courses.
Week 1 Thursday – Sunday: You will create the start of your first track and send it to us by Sunday 23:59 in your time zone.
Week 2 Monday – Tuesday: You will get your first PVF Video, a video of where I, Martin Svensson, record a video of how I work with your track. This week will be all about feedback and further instructions on track creation.
Week 2 Wednesday – Sunday: Work on track 1 and have it ready by Sunday to send it in.
Week 3 Monday – Tuesday: You will get your second PVF Video of what you made in Week 2 and instructions on how to complete the track.
Week 3 Wednesday – Sunday: This is where you will finish the track with the instructions from Week 2; please make sure to send it in by Sunday.
Week 4 Monday – Tuesday: You will get your third PVF Video with feedback on the full track and what else can be done.
Week 4 Wednesday – Sunday: Create Track 2 and send it in by Sunday.
Week 5 Monday – Tuesday: First PVF Video of Track 2 with feedback and instructions on how to proceed.
Week 5 Wednesday – Sunday: Work on Track 2 and send it in by Sunday.
Week 6 Monday – Tuesday: Second PVF Video of Track 2 with feedback and instructions on how to proceed.
Week 6 Wednesday – Sunday: Work on Track 2 and finish it; send the final version by Sunday.
Week 7 Monday – Tuesday: Third PVF Video on Track 2 with feedback.
Week 7 Wednesday – Sunday: Work on Track 3 and send it in by Sunday.
Week 8 Monday – Tuesday: First PVF Video of Track 3 with feedback and instructions on how to finish Track 3.
Week 8 Wednesday – Sunday: Finish Track 3 – send it in by Sunday.
Week 9 Monday – Tuesday: Second PVF Video of Track 3 – Consideration of tracks to submit on the label.
Week 9 Wednesday: the Academy ends.

Can I attend the Academy in a longer time than the eight weeks provided?

Yes, you can attend the Academy for multiple periods of 8-weeks. Just make sure to write this in the “Other questions” field.

I think my music is good already. Can you help me send in my tracks to major labels?

Yes, you can purchase this service from us without attending the Academy. Please let us know in the “Other questions” field. The price for this is $399.


The price for the 8-week total program, including a release on the label, is $699 if you decide to prepay for the Academy.

You can also pay the amount in two installments for $399 / month x2, the first part before attending the program and the next part while you’re halfway through ($798 in total).


You are not obligated to pay for the program by signing this form. Payment is only required when attending the program.
Please let us know if you got any questions or want any other information. If you set the Academy date to "Other", please specify what dates you're interested in.